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  • Microsoft Dynamics 365
  •  ERP to CRM Integrations
  • Digital Transformation

System Design Architecture

A properly designed system unlocks potential you didn’t even realize you had!

Software Integrations

Need your billing system connected to your accounting software? We know how!

Customizing Dynamics

Need more out of your current Dynamics software? We’ve got you covered.

Workflow Improvement

Review your requirements and match processes & procedures in your systems.

What is Microsoft D365?

Dynamics 365 brings together the best of CRM and ERP into one cloud service with specific, purpose-built applications for key business processes—like Sales, Field Service, Operations and Customer Service, among others. A connected ERP and CRM system is a key differentiator and just one of the reasons you’re going to love D365!

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Digitally Transform your Business with Dynamics 365


Staying connected with customers is the key to building trust and long-term relationships

Customer Service

Make it easy for people in your organization to deliver great customer experiences


Attract top talent and enable employee success with better onboarding and streamlined HR

Why you should choose us

Our people, your people—together we become a team and it’s this relationship that will ultimately determine the success of our time together. We have been lucky to work with remarkable organizations and always seems to find ourselves ‘at home’ with our clients, leading to better outcomes and lasting relationships!

Our Projects


D365 users up and running

Real-time Integration between ERP & CRM

Even if you thought connecting your proprietary production system with your ERP or CRM was out of the question, think again! Our system architects can make it work—they’re that good! We’ve seen it all and here are just a few integrations that Andosi can help you with:

  • Dynamics GP to Dynamics CRM
  • Production or billing systems
  • e-commerce & customer self-service portals
  • Microsoft SharePoint

Real-Time Integrations


The most important factor in the success of a business software project is having the right process. Andosi developed a standard 5 step deployment process after years of implementing projects of all sizes and scopes.

Download and use it as a guide to compare and plan for your next project!

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Outgrowing QuickBooks?

If its time to trade up from your entry-level accounting software for a more functional system there are steps you can take to ensure a successful transition! 

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