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Great design is an art, and it all starts with people.

Our people, your people—together we become a team and it’s this relationship that will ultimately determine the success of our time together. We have been incredibly lucky to have worked with such remarkable organizations and it’s because of our own great team of people, who always seem to find themselves ‘at home’ with our clients, that they consider us a part of their team!

  • Operation Lady Luck Shuffle Master
  • Shuffle Master

    Reducing processing time from 2+ weeks to less than 2 hours takes more than just luck! It takes a new set of eyes to re-engineer Dynamics GP, CRM & SharePoint.

    Project details

  • When Only The Best Will Do Breitling
  • Breitling

    Tasked to design the ultimate user experience, integrating & customizing Dynamics GP, CRM & POS made Breitling’s vision a reality.

    Project details

  • Only the Strong Survive IronMan
  • IronMan

    In a world where only the strong survive, a lean, efficient business was the ultimate goal of this global organization. Customizing Dynamics GP helped them get there.

    Project details

Success Stories


We can tell you about all of the technical things we can do for you and back them up with countless client success stories, but at the end of the day what matters most is that you walk away feeling good about your decision to work with us. Read on to learn more about the things we’ve helped other companies achieve and what they thought of working with the Andosi Team!