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Record Lock Trace v 2.0

I've updated the Lock Trace Utility for Dynamics GP with 2 new features.
The first enhancement will replace the standard "This batch is being edited by another user" prompt when attempting to post or delete a SOP Batch with the name of the user that has the batch locked with an activity record in SY00800.

The second enhancement will clear all records that are locked by users that are not actively logged in to GP.  This will be executed when attempting to access a transaction locked by a user that is not actively logged in.  After, the record will be available and the following prompt will be presented.
The basic delete statements executed by this feature are listed below:
delete tempdb.dbo.dex_lock where session_id not in (select SQLSESID from dynamics.dbo.activity)
delete tempdb.dbo.dex_session where session_id not in (select SQLSESID from dynamics.dbo.activity)
delete DYNAMICS.dbo.SY00800 where userid not in (select USERID from DYNAMICS.dbo.activity)

If you are not sure what version of the utility you have installed, since there isn't a GUI, I've updated the about message to include the version information.

Download Record Lock Trace for Dynamics GP here or view the product page for more information.  Please leave a comment if there are other features or transaction types that you would like added to this utility.

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Michael Johnson

Board Member, Co-Founder

Although no longer part of our day-to-day operations, Michael Johnson II is with us as a board member and remains a valuable asset.  Once considered one of the most influential Microsoft Dynamics professionals, MJ is a world-class superstar in the global IT world.   Literally.   Prior to co-founding Straight Arrow, he served as International VP of Gibson Musical Instruments.   He has since gone on to head up Bridgestone’s European IT Division.

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