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Client Name
Breitling U.S.A. Inc.
Manufacturer Fine Watches
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When Breitling set out to open its flagship Manhattan retail store—the first in its 128-year history, it presented a need for a fundamental adjustment to their business management system, Dynamics GP, to incorporate new data, new uses for that data and many new layers of complexity.

As of today, we still ­find that there was absolutely nothing that went wrong. It’s unheard of and shows the professionalism that surrounded the project.

–Sebastien Amstutz, VP of Breitling USA, Inc.

What we did


  • Microsoft RMS (POS System)


Instantaneous and automatic updating of inventory transfers, sales orders and customer information.
  • RMS (POS) to GP
  • Dynamics GP to CRM

Custom Add-on’s

  • Advanced RMA (aRMA)

Customized Dynamics

  • Matched workflows within Dynamics GP & CRM to actual company procedures
  • Andosi leveraged GP’s Field Service modules to create an equipment record at the time of purchase that links to the customer and to the specifi­c serial number so that the watch can be tracked when it comes in for service or repair eliminating the need to manually enter in GP.


  • A POS (Microsoft Retail Management System RMS) that automatically shares data with Dynamics GP and CRM.
  • Detailed reporting, including control over GP’s native sales allocation methodology allowing income to be booked to separate ledger accounts to easily segregate revenue by product and sales location
  • Automatic tracking of each watch’s service record, warranty, serial number and ownership details without inconveniencing the customer or requiring significant data entry.
  • More efficient returns handling using aRMA

We’ve more than accomplished our goals; [the
project] went further than any of the expectations we had.
When taking the risk to build something so significant like we
did, it can work well or it can work extremely well. In this case, it
worked extremely well.

Sebastien Amstutz, VP of Breitling USA, Inc.

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