ArrMaz Products, LP

ArrMaz had a need to manage their Capital Acquisition Requests.  All requests were being handled on a spreadsheet managed by one person.  Communication on the status of requests and approvals was performed via email. As a result, the requisition process would often be delayed.  Management needed to improve the efficiency of this process.

What we did

Custom Solution Development

  • Capital Acquisition Request (CAR) – a pre-configured SharePoint workflow for management of capital purchase requests:
    Using standard SharePoint approval workflow & dashboards, team has a complete view of the approval process; where things stand and exactly what needs to happen next in the process. 
    • Managers can request more information prior to approval or if rejected, provide detailed explanations. 
    • The purchasing manager then uses the information to create the PO’s needed to fulfill the requests. 
    • Members from different departments are notified when their input in the process is needed.
    • Deployed through a web form, team members can contribute anytime, from anywhere.

The Outcome

Since deploying Capital Acquisition Request, ArrMaz has gained complete control over the status of all of their requests.  Requestors and managers now have the ability to monitor every step of the process and requests are no longer delayed waiting in someone’s inbox.


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