GP Password Expired mid-day... while I was posting a Batch

I was recently talking shop with another consultant that has a customer who's Dynamics GP password was valid when they logged in but expired after causing a batch posting interruption.  Has this ever happened to you?

He submitted a support request to Microsoft to explain this issue and seek out a resolution.  The response he received was:

As for ways to overcome the password becoming invalid mid-day, there are two options:

1. Keep the password synchronized (time-wise) with the windows password and use the windows password reminder as a GP password reminder
2. Use the GP Password Expiration Notification utility, freely available from the blog link below

Microsoft recommended the GP Password Expiration Notification utility with qualification, of course, that it is not something Microsoft created or provides support for.  Even so, it's nice to see that this utility is serving the community well by helping to solve and prevent common problems.

If you haven't downloaded it already you should before you have to recover from a batch posting interruption because your password has expired.

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Written by : Michael Johnson

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