Dynamics World List of Influential People

I'm not really sure how, and no I did not nominate myself, but I made it into the top 260 nominees for Dynamics World's Microsoft Dynamics Most Influential People.  Thanks to who ever did nominate me.  You can view the list of nominees here.

Several of my old friends are on the list; Mark Polino, Ross Carlson, Dwight Specht, Troy Ensor, Bob McAdam, and Shane Hall to a name a few.  Plus some of my new friends like Mariano and Dave Musgrave will surely be moving up the list this year.  People like Andy Hafer really deserve the recognition for their contributions to the community as do all of the Dynamics MVPs that we all hear from so often.  Many of those who run the popular VAR and ISV organizations are on the list as well.

You can vote for those that you think deserve recognition for their contributions at http://www.dynamicsworld.co.uk/2011Voting.php.  You will have to scroll through the polls to find individuals you might want to vote for.  I'm in Poll 11 as are Dwight Specht (IBIS), Tony DiBenedetto (TriBridge), Andy Hafer (GPUG), and Bill Marshall (MC2).

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Written by : Michael Johnson

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